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Book of Negreo's

Black Loyalist is a repository of historical data about the African American loyalist refugees who left New York between April and November 1783 and whose names are recorded in the Book of Negroes. In this first stage, the site concentrates on providing biographical and demographic information for the largest cohort, about 1000 people from Norfolk Virginia and surrounding counties.

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Featured Person

Harry Washington

This man was the groom at General George Washington's Mt Vernon plantation. He was purchased by Washington in 1763 to work in the Great Dismal Swamp, but in 1766 was transferred to Mt Vernon. There is a conflict about the time he ran to the British. Harry reported it was 1776. A letter from the manager at Mt Vernon dates the defection at 1781 when the British army called at the estate. There is evidence from the log book of HMS Roebuck, the lead ship in Dunmore' fleet, that supports Harry’s claim to have run in 1776. He travels alone in the BON. In the Birchtown muster he is with a wife called Jenny. This person could be Jenny Coddamus who is twenty four and travels on board the Clinton with two small children. Harry and Jenny and their children relocated to the British colony of Sierra Leone in 1791. In 1800 he was one of the leaders of a failed rebellion in Sierra Leone.

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